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Letter Of Reference From: Keith Reevs, April 30, 2010

Two Whom it May Concern

Kevin Dunaenko has worked the oil and gas industry throughout the past two decades. In this time Kevin was employed with a contractor working with himself on several projects, supervising and managing safety, general ground work and environmental reclamation projects with in the Alberta and Saskatchewan oil and gas industry. Kevin moved to become a field supervisor throughout time and excelled as time progressed. It was an immense pleasure working with Kevin throughout the last fifteen years. Kevin has strong a organizational background, communication and reliability skills throughout his career.

In addition during the course of the past few years Kevin has proven to be a leader, manager and supervisor in his field. Kevin stand out in my opinion because his strong work ethic, confidence and sound judgement. This will pursue him further as his abilities and past experience assists him through many challenges. Working with kevin for a few years, as I was the oil company consultant on several drilling projects, Kevin had my confidence he was not there for a paycheque but to assist me in delivering the best product, safe work and while having all costing paperwork and office duties on time. Throughout this time Kevin excelled as a field consultant working with oil and gas sector himself, this gives you a strong understanding where Kevin wants to be.

In closing, I believe Kevin will be a strong contender with your company and won't disappoint any areas of growth. Please don't hesitate to call me for details or a conversation.


Keith Reeves
KTR Consulting Ltd.
Construction Supervisor
Nexen inc.
Oil-Gas Sector
Letter Of Reference From: Karen Bishop, October 28, 2009 Two Whom it May Concern

Kevin started working for precision in April 2006 as a Heavy Equipment Operator. Kevin was promoted to the position of Field Supervisor and continued as a supervisor until he left in August 2008. He has worked extensively in the Lloydminster and Provost area as well as on projects in the North (Wabaca, Fort McKay and Cold Lake).

Kevin looked after road and lease construction in these areas. His strengths include commitment to excellence, ability to teach new employees and a strong commitment to our safety program. He has the ability to follow instruction from management.

Kevin has all the necessary skills and attitude for a supervisory position. We wish Kevin great success in his future endeavours.


Karen Bishop
HR Coordinator
Precision Contractors Ltd.
Letter Of Reference From: Ivan Kwasny, September 21, 2008 Two Whom it May Concern

I'm pleased to recommend Kevin Dunaenko as an AMEC Construction Supervisor for the Athabasca Field Program

I've know Mr. Dunaenko since 1998 when we worked together as heavy equipment operators constructing leases, roads and reclamation in the oilfield. Mr Dunaenko has worked both with me as a heavy equipment operator and as a foreman/supervisor in the oilfield. He has always been punctual and willing to accept new assignments and has demonstrated innovative thinking and analytical skills. Mr. Dunaenko is a skilled communicator and a great team player who is will to both learn from and teach others.

Mr. Dunaenko brings a wealth of experience in the oil sands to the position. For example, while working at CNRL and Husky as a Construction Consultant in Lloydminster and surrounding area Mr. Dunaenko's responsibilities included: managing 30-40 pieces of heavy equipment a day, building leases, roads and plant sites; logging and timber salvage; cost control tasks such as bidding and estimating; leading and participating in daily safety meetings; job specific risk assessments; providing safety leadership in the field; scheduling equipment moves; procuring materials; and obtaining permits from Counties and Rural Municipalities. All of these tasks are critical to the position of Construction Supervisor on the Athabasca Field Program.

Communication is crucial to the success of any job and Mr Dunaenko's communication skills with contractors, supervisors and the client have proved excellent. Mr Dunaenko provides professional representation in the field for his employer and clients.

In closing I would like to say that my experience working with Mr Dunaenko demonstrates his keen sense of organization, positive attitude, leadership skills, team player and commitment to excellence. For these reasons, I would recommend Mr. Dunaenko as a Construction Supervisor for the Athabasca Field Program.


Ivan Kwasny
Area Construction Manager
Athabasca Field Program
Project Management Alberta: Current References
Mel Mabbot
Lead Construction Manager
Imperial Oil
Please Contact Kevin Dunaenko to obtain contact information for this reference. Thank You

Ivan Kwasny
Construction Supervisor
Tri Star Consulting
Please Contact Kevin Dunaenko to obtain contact information for this reference. Thank You

Kris Holthe
Logistics Coordinator
Taqa North Ltd.
Please Contact Kevin Dunaenko to obtain contact information for this reference. Thank You

Davin Doepker
Construction Supervisor/Coordinator
Please Contact Kevin Dunaenko to obtain contact information for this reference. Thank You

Allen Goodfellow
Area Superintendent
Precision Contractors Ltd
Please Contact Kevin Dunaenko to obtain contact information for this reference. Thank You