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Project Management of Lease Construction/Clean Ups; Vulcan and Big Valley Alberta

1 Building lease and access in Vulcan Alberta.
2 Lease in Vulcan Rig Ready with conductor (Rat and mouse hole lined).
3 Lease in Vulcan Rig Ready with drill pad finished.
4 Building Production pad in Vulcan, Alberta.
5 Production Pad in Vulcan construction in progress (D6T six way).
6 Production pad in Vulcan.
7 Production pad in Vulcan (two).
8 Building drilling pad & access, Big Valley, Alberta (rough ground/terrain).
9 Laying filter clothe in wet area before padding (AB Environment mitigation conditions).

Project Manager of Winter Programs; Fort Macmurray, Athabasca and Kearl Lake Alberta

1 Mulching in progress in Fort Macmurray Fire Project
2 Fire Project New access (freeze in with snow cat then water truck).
3 Winter lease rig ready in Fire Project.
4 Winter access Rig ready in Fort Macmurray.
5 Kearl lake Esso logging.
6 Processor logging on Kearl Lake winter drilling program.
7 Pile Load program – to construct plant site for Kearl Lake Esso.
8 Fire Project Freezing in the Athabasca (Engineered/Certified Load Capacity of 120,000.00lbs).
9 Fire Project Freezing in the Athabasca.

Project Manager of Road Construction Project LSD# 15-20-36-23W4M

Kevin Dunaenko provided excellent project management for this early winter road construction project. Respecting the impending obstacle of frozen soils, Mr. Dunaenko elected to stay ahead of the frost by building the road in 200 metre sections. The landowner's property was taken into consideration during early construction phase by stripping all of the top soil and sub soil to one side. This wise decision enhanced the over all project in several ways. It placed the road tight to the quarter section line putting less crop land out of production. With only one ditch cut an entire extra metre of work space was gained from only stripping one side. Once each 200 metre section of road top was complete to grade the soils were spread back into the ditch and the next 200 metre section was started.

Alberta Project Management Completes A Reclamation Project

1 Pump water off access then let dry step one
2 Pump water off lease and let dry
3 Topsoil spread after landscaping on lease at even distribution
4 Roto Spik topsoil to minimize compaction in soil to gain better growth
5 Roto Spik Lease
6 Access DSA was completed by Trace Environment and passed with Landowner being very satisfied

Efficient Project Management of Production Pad Clean Up

1 Pull in clay material to contour and build pad
2 Facility’s set up pad completed
3 Landscape clay and prep to spread soils shooting with laser level
4 Landscape and contour clay to prep to spread subsoil and topsoil
5 Soils spread with positive drainage established
6 Soils all spread with seeding to follow Delburne mix
7 Construct clay berm as per mitigation plan and to appease Alberta Environment
8 Access Put back with seeding to follow

Managing Projects Like This Battery Expansion 8-3-37-22W4M Mikwan

1 Pad before expansion
2 Pad before expansion
3 Remove and transfer soils to make workspace for pad expansion
4 North expansion
5 Tank farm area ready for facility set up
6 Final grading and with compaction complete
7 Pad dirt works completed will contouring and landscape soils at later date after pipeline and facility constructions complete