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Alberta Project Management has reputable references Kevin Dunaenko has a wealth of project management experience in the Alberta oilfield construction and forestry industries. His references are reputable and honest. read more

Project Managers Alberta References Link
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Resume of Kevin Dunaenko:
Alberta Project Management
Kevin Dunaenko has a strong background in Project Management. Please view his resume for full details read more

Alberta Project Managers Resume Link
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Contact Kevin Dunaenko for more information Kevin Dunaenko is passionate about Project Management and it shows in the quality and performance he provides. Please contact Kevin for more information. read more

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About Alberta Project Management

Alberta Project Management is a website devoted to the skills and credentials of Kevin Dunaenko. Kevin is a highly capable and experienced Project Manager with a wealth of construction experience in the Oil and Gas industry and in Forestry. Kevin has worked as an equipment operator, field supervisor, foreman and consultant. He has gathered together an exemplary skill set in managing people, projects and the equipment required for a variety of projects.

Multi Million Dollar Budgets Are Managed Competently By Alberta Project Management

Kevin Dunaenko has managed multi million dollar budgets for Taqa North. Throughout his tenure he has demonstrated a profound ability to adhere to the budgets he is entrusted with.

In the Alberta Oil and Gas Industry, timelines are stringent and vastly important. Kevin knows that time is money and he coordinates efficiently with a wide variety of suppliers and industry support specialists on a daily basis. Kevin implements his own impressive style of project management to ensure that up to eighty of pieces of heavy equipment are maintaining a high level of productivity every week. This level of productivity is never easy to manage but integral to keeping each project within the all important budget restraints. It takes strict attention to detail, dynamic organizational skills and a solid work ethic to produce positive results in the Alberta Oil and Gas industry.

Examples of Support Staff and Specialists Managed by Kevin Dunaenko

Land owners.
The individuals and organizations from whom the oil companies lease land from for oil and gas exploration and product preparation.

The field staff who mark out each lease, lease road and pipeline right of way which will be used in oil and gas exploration

Earth Moving Companies and their representatives.
The owners, superintendents, supervisors and equipment operators who will do the excavating and earthmoving on hundreds of construction sites.

Drilling Rig Companies and their representatives.
The owners, superintendents, supervisors and drilling rig operators who will do the drilling aspect of oil and gas exploration.

Service Rig Companies and their representatives.
Superintendents and service rig operators who will prepare the well sites for production.

Well Site Completion Companies and support staff.
Supervisors, welders, truckers, gravel haulers, culvert installers, fencing crews, material containment specialists and other workers who's objective is to bring the well into it's production phase.

Environmental Regulations personnel.
Envrironmental reclamation officials, reclamation consultants, reclamation earthmoving companies and operators as well as weed and pest control agents.

Pipleline Crews.
Supervisors, equipment operators, welders and pipeline testing specialists who ensure pipeline construction projects are completed to Alberta industry standards.

Workplace Safety personnel.
Persons who may represent the government of Alberta or may be private contractors who regulate the safety certification, jobsite safety plans, workplace safety meetings and many other safety related concerns that encompass the Alberta oil and gas industry.

Oil and Gas well operators.
Skilled and trained individuals who in essence, operate a number of drilling wells that are in production. These workers monitor all the onsite mechanical and structural components of production wells.
Alberta Project Management Represents Billion Dollar International Corporations Kevin Dunaenko has represented an impressive list of large budget companies and corporations. He is well suited to be the prime contact person out in the field where the oil and gas exploration phases are taking place. At any given time Kevin, and other Alberta Oil and Gas Project Managers such as him, may have over a dozen live projects which are at various stages of completion.

These projects can be spread out over large distances mostly in rural Alberta settings. This means that Kevin excels in organization and preparation so that he can monitor the progress of each work site even if he may sometimes drive 300 - 500 kilometres in a work day. This naturally equates to some long hours which speaks to Kevin's commitment to Project Management and his strong work ethic.

Examples of Work Sites Managed by Kevin Dunaenko

Please visit the Image Gallery Page for a visual explanation of many types of oil and gas Project Management Construction Sites.

Lease and Access Road Construction
The lease is an actual parcel of land leased from the land owner to the oil company which has invested in the oil or gas exploration taking place. The road is also leased but not referred as a lease but rather it is called the access road. Typically the top soil and sub soil are stripped off both the lease and access road so that the underlying clay can be used to construct a level drilling pad and access road into the lease. During this phase of an oil well project Kevin successfully manages a high number of suppliers, support staff, officials, operators and so on. This phase of the oil well project is very crucial and can have a huge impact on the overall budget. Kevin has demonstrated that he can competently push these types of projects through to the final phase and constantly stay with in the budget. For the oil and gas companies he represents, this is where he proves his true value time and again.

Oil Well Abandonment and Reclamation
Like most projects, oil well's have a shelf life. In effect, at some point they quit producing profitable quantities of oil or gas. When this happens they must be abandoned and reclaimed. This means that the soils and clay must be put back to the original condition prior to the original ground disturbance. In addition the soils must be tested by an Environmental Reclamation specialist to check for contaminants.

Kevin Dunaenko knows the full scope of how to Project Manage for reclamation projects. He has a wealth of hands on experience as an equipment operator in the area of reclamation. He fully understands the regulations and why they have been enforced. Kevin completes these important projects with the utmost respect for both the environment and the budget he has been assigned with. This can become quite a balancing act and requires expert critical thinking skills so that the right equipment be brought in to match both the scope of work and the time restraints. Reclamation is primarily done during the months between May and September.

Plant Site and Facilities Construction
Plant sites and facilities in the oil and gas fields of Alberta range greatly in size and complexity. Typically a plant site can take up an area of roughly ten acres. These types of projects are highly engineered from both the earthmoving stage to the actual structural construction phase. These types of projects require a very high level of skill in terms of Project Management. Kevin has taken on many such projects throughout his Project Management career in the oil and gas industry and met with great success.

Oil and Gas Pipline Projects
Pipeline construction projects are perhaps one of the most commonly known type of oil and gas components. Not all oil wells get connected to a pipeline but instead due to the type of crude or the level of production some oil wells utilize a tank or a row of tanks. The crude is pumped into tanker trucks and transported to a plant for offload. The wells which do require a pipeline are scheduled for that construction and the timelines are always tight and very critical. Kevin Dunaenko ensures that these pipeline projects run smooth and efficient. There is usually a wide scope of equipment, workers, specialists and supervisors required on these large job sites. As an oil and gas Project Manager, Kevin keeps all the equipment and workers organized and on schedule which helps out with completion dates as well as budgets.